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Spandex lovers to the core, sure it's a fetish but boy what a fun fetish it is. I might even call it a lifestyle because one of my favorite summer treats is picking out one of my sexiest little spandex bikinis and hitting the beach. During the winter season me and my buddies along with the girls like to hit the islands that are nice and warm. Girls and boys all wearing tiny little bikinis. Can you think of anything more fun while wrapped in spandex? The men's spandex bikini site was set up by my friends and I to help other men find the swimwear styles of their dreams. Many men do not realize that their swimwear fantasies can come true in fact there are styles out there so amazing and so extreme that most men have not yet even imagined such things. We are here to excite, stimulate, arouse and inform you. I hope you enjoy our thrill ride!