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Men's spandex bikini

Why Aren’t You Wear Men’s Spandex Bikini Designs

There are a lot of different men’s spandex bikini designs for you to choose from these days and that is a good thing. There was a time not too long ago when you did not really have much of a choice in what you wore to the beach. Those times were drab and dreary to say the least. But now, you can wear all kinds of different designs of bikinis specifically made for me. That made these days bright and warm. If you are not out there lounging on the beach every day, you probably have not seen much in the way of these designs. But for all those guys that spend a lot of time on the beach, they have already seen what is available on the market these days. So, the only question you really have to ask yourself is why you are not wearing any of these men’s spandex bikini designs yourself? You do not have anything to lose and everyone else is already wearing them so there really is not anything stopping you. These are the new designs and you always want to stay as fresh as possible when it comes to fashion.

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Men's Spandex Bikini

Front and rear shots of one of the most successful bikini designs even made. This is the Egg Sack Bikini by Koala.

It offers an incredible micro front pouch, amazing construction and a fit beyond belief.